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Why choose Brownstone Promotions?

Do you remember that time you went to your Local Fall Festival or Crime Prevention Night and a random person offered you some Freebies? Like... a Red Fire hat, with the Fire Departments Name on it... Or the Free Coffee Mug and Key-Chain, with the local cafes Name & Menu on it?
If You are at your desk right now, Look for a pen. What does it say on it?
Probably someones company name or some type of information.
What do they all have in common? These are all Promotional Products and the truth is; if you were able to relate to any of the above. and can recall whose name was on it...They work. and That is why we do what we do.
Brownstone promotions invites YOU to motivate your target audience to feel something for you and your company. Let us help  Create a spark, Create a moment or a memory that will forge a lasting bond and or partnership between you & them. We want YOU to be the Star of the show because you are. Your business, Your ideas and Goals are what matter most to us.
We offer:  Quick Shipping if needed, Brand Recognition, Employee Retention thru motivational tools, Safety programs and High quality products. Comprehensive Product Knowledge and we strive to give Top Notch Customer Care.
We think of ourselves as a more thoughtful approach to branding. And it doesn't cost a lot. We will fit your message and your plan into your budget and make it work for your target audience. E-mail us today for more details at 
Marketing in it's most pure form, Promotional Products Work, Thanks for visiting us online Today at

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